Leadership Team Registration

Who should attend?

This year you will have 18 members of your leadership team.

In the past your teams were very heavy in content experts. We are now asking you to move to Leadership Teams based on the best leaders within your LEA or Charter. In many cases these people will be the same as in the past, but not necessarily.

Registration is NOW OPEN: April 15 - May 15

How do I register?

You can complete the registration process by:

1. Logging in to the Home Base Online Evaluation System

2. Clicking the Professional Development tab

  • On the Professional Development page, the course Summer Institutes 2014-Region 1 should appear. If you do not see it you will need to search for Summer Institutes 2014-Region 1 in the course catalog of the system. (You will only be able to see the Summer Institute location for which your district/charter is physically located. Please contact your PD lead if you have questions about this. This tab will be visible on April 15, 2014. If you have problems registering or if you are not in the Home Base system, please contact your District Administrator (usually the HR Director) to resolve these issues.)

  • You are then presented with the course screen

3. Click on the “register” button

Presenter Registration

Presenter registration begins May 1st. If you are also a member of your Leadership Team attending, you will need to register with both.